Eclectic Floridian: US Attorney General as President's shill

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

US Attorney General as President's shill

When the Attorney General of the US becomes a shill for Presidential usurpation of Constitutional separation of powers, it's time to worry.

Attorney General Gonzales is clearly so greatful for his job, that he will spout what the administration wants in order to keep his position. That is eerily similar to Alito saying that opinions offered during his Reagan era job application were meant to get the job, not necessarily his own.

Neither Bush nor Gonzales have offered anything more substantial than, "we have studied this and concluded it's right." BULL!

What part of the Constitution don't they understand? There is no Constitutional power giving the President the power to override written laws because he thinks it necessary and legal.

Remember, in order for the NSA to find suspicious stuff in phone calls, they must be either:
  • From known terrorists to US citizens, or,
  • From NSA filters that found suspicious words.
In the first case, it is clear that a warrant could be obtained from FISA, even 3 days after the interception.

In the second case, it is clear that my wife's calls to her family in The Netherlands must be monitored by the NSA to determine whether or not sinister communications are taking place. I certainly hope FISA would find that a clear violation of our rights.

Get it? To find suspicious calls ... ALL calls must be monitored! Is that a violation of our rights? You BET!


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