Eclectic Floridian: Domestic Spying - Its sinister consequences

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Domestic Spying - Its sinister consequences

I’ve been following the domestic spying story closely. Its effect on me has been subtle and disturbing. First, some necessary personal information. My spouse was born and raised near Amsterdam in The Netherlands. As a result, she frequently calls friends and family.

I suddenly realize that I've not stated my concern on this subject because of a nagging worry that the NSA may be listening to my phone and internet posts as a result of my spouse's connection to Western Europe. Suddenly, it dawns on me ... my freedom of speech has already been abridged! Well ...

NSA Listen up! Leave me alone! I'm as patriotic as most Americans, but the President of the US nor his NSA have rights to shut us up simply because he/they are willing to commit treason. I await their jackbooted thugs.

As you can tell, I'm concerned about our country. I'm sure the Taliban's outrageous performance in Afganistan began as subtly as this.

  • The legality doesn't seem clear.
  • The administration keeps telling us that "We need to do this." But, the legality isn't clear.
  • The traditional media seems to accept this reasoning. Maybe that's because the U.S. Attorney General tells us they have had many lawyers review the legality of domestic spying. Let's remember who he works for and that the Attorney General's opinion only counts when determining who to prosecute under our existing law. The interpretation of those laws is left to our courts, not the President or his lackey, the Attorney General.
  • "Because I think it's important" isn't a good enough reason to contravene the Constitution.
  • Whittling away at our rights is extremely dangerous, no matter the reason. Even assuming George Bush's intentions are honorable, the precedent is being set unless "we the people" object. After all, we don't know what the next President's intentions may be.
  • George Bush's intentions are not clear. I suspect they're not clear even to him. He seems to have fallen for the view that what he does is best. Maybe his God tells him that is so, just as Pat Robertson, and Mayor Nagan hear God's message (to hear them tell it).


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