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Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Florida Pro-Lifers - Stumbling over their tongues

Re: an AP/Yahoo story of:
  • a pregnant 13 year old
  • who wants an abortion
  • whose guardian is Jeb Bush's Florida Dept. of Children & Families
I'll bet you can't quite see where this is going.

You see, an earlier post of mine, "Definition of a Woman", is about a bill in the US House and Senate,
"Unborn Child Pain Awareness Act of 2005" (H.R. 356 & S. 51, SEC. 2901(6)). The bill is sponsored by a number of Anti-Abortion ... er ... Pro-Life, women (and men). It contains a definition of the word "Woman", specifically for this bill only:
"WOMAN: The term `woman' means a female human being who is capable of becoming pregnant, whether or not she has reached the age of majority."
  • The 13 year old, young lady is a "Woman", according to even a Pro-Life definition of that word.
  • By definition, her age makes her the victim of statutory rape.
  • Almost everyone agrees that abortion is warranted in the case of rape.
These points raise some questions:
  • Should the, er, Pro-Life proponents be held to their definition of a woman?
  • At what point does absolute moral belief give way to real life circumstance?
  • If absolute moral belief should never give way, then, whose moral belief should our government enforce: yours, mine, the Taliban, Jerry Falwell (maybe the same as the Taliban), Rev. Frank Pavone (the priest representing his views to the press, as those of Terri Schiavo's parents)?
Florida's Dept. of Children & Families (DCF) gratiously, bowed to the decision of the court. The court said the abortion should be allowed. The, er, Pro-Life camp is now claiming that DCF should have appealed. The DCF record in the Schiavo case wasn't so illustrious. In fact, their record overall hasn't been anything to brag about.

I guess Jeb Bush learned that hiding behind his DCF won't protect him from the public's anger at manipulation of Constitutionally guaranteed Separation of Church and State.


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