Eclectic Floridian: Najma (17 yrs) - Leaving for Baghdad from Mosul

Thursday, April 28, 2005

Najma (17 yrs) - Leaving for Baghdad from Mosul

For once, this isn't about the right or wrong of the world. This post is just to provide a glimpse into the world of Iraq ... people I've come to admire. If this doesn't illustrate how brave the Iraqis are, you're hopeless!

Najma just turned 17 years old on April 23rd (I'm 17! I'm 17! ... from an earlier post). She and her family are about to leave Mosul to travel to Baghdad. Here are some of her thoughts:
I put some new music in the MP3 player.. It will only work in our way to Baghdad since I won't be able to charge it there.. Dad wouldn't let me take the laptop with me, a relative was arrested for doing so once.

Dad isn't coming because he can't leave the clinic, a relative who has a taxi that drives between Baghdad and Mosul is going to take us there.. He's a nice man, and always have adventures to tell.. You see, traveling in Iraq is an adventure itself. The weather doesn't seem promising, there's loud thunder (might be bombing though) and it's raining, I hope it'll calm down by tomorrow. It's summer, it can't rain for two days!

So, I might not be posting for the coming week, if it took longer, you should ask if I'm alive! Till then, good bye.

Off to Baghdad, my dear Baghdad.


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