Eclectic Floridian: A lack of Faith in Government

Thursday, April 21, 2005

A lack of Faith in Government

Our government really does have a crisis of Faith.

A casual conversation over an after-work beer brought this home to me. The gentleman next to me commented on what a mess our Iraq policy is.

As you know, I follow the Iraqi blogs. I mentioned to him that many Iraqis, living in the country, make it clear that the problem is insurgency not an American presence. In fact, I told him, they clearly favor a continued American presence until they can handle the situation themselves.

The gentleman’s reply demonstrates a crisis of Faith in our government. He said,

“Why do you listen to that crap? Everyone knows that the CIA is posting that stuff to keep people in line.”

It just goes to show that “Faith-based initiatives” Are needed! You might guess that I am not talking about a government based on faith in God. That is, rightfully, unconstitutional.

When American citizens assume that news and events are manipulated by our government for its own purposes, WE HAVE A CRISIS. The worst part is that recent self-serving actions lend strength to this view.

When the House of Representatives Ethics Committee changes rules to protect one of their own, one must wonder. When an unconstitutional law is rammed through the U.S. legislature for the benefit of one family, one must wonder. When Mr. DeLay feels the House of Representatives has the power to pass judgment on the Judiciary for their interpretation of the Constitution, one must wonder.

Maybe the only platform the Democrats need to regain some power is, “Restore Faith in Our Government.” That's a "Faith-based Initiative" I can support. It would be nice to see the Republicans jump on that bandwagon too.


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