Eclectic Floridian: I couldn't resist another Iraqi post ...

Monday, April 18, 2005

I couldn't resist another Iraqi post ...

This quote from The Messopotamian says it all perfectly. At least the people who benefit from US actions in Iraq are pleased. France, Germany, Russia and US naysayers ... eat your hearts out!

"Yes indeed, the war toppled a monstrous regime of a bestial clan, and freed a hostage majority. Whatever other motive lay behind the intervention, this was a valiant act of chivalry. And when the American people ( as proved by their vote) and their president are willing to spill the blood of their children and the treasure of their land to help the Iraqi people regain their freedom and build their democracy, this comes from their respect and belief in the humanity of their fellow humans, regardless of distance and racial differences. Racism consists of ignoring the plight of your fellow humans. 'We must not mess about with the problems of the third world, withdraw immediately and leave them to their own resources.' they say. That mayhem and genocide can ensue does not seem to bother these 'do-gooders'.

Make not [sic] mistake, my friends, this infant democracy that is just beginning in our country will grow and become strong but it needs the helping hand and protection of its powerful friends who were the basic instrument of God’s mercy to bring it into being ... "


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