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Monday, April 18, 2005

Amazing Synthesis of Islam and Christianity

I just read an amazing document. It's an exposition of how simple the interface between Islam and Christianity really is.

I'll just quote the Introduction to give you a feel for the document. It doesn't even begin to tell you how clear and logical the whole is.

"The war in Iraq (Operation Iraqi Freedom) was viewed by some as a clash between Muslims and Christians, or as a clash between the Iraqi nation state and a coalition of other nation states. But the best way to view the clash was between subjugators and anti-subjugators. Or non-humanists vs humanists. Or dogma vs science. This document makes the case that True Islam is anti-dogma, humanist and anti-subjugation, and if this sect of Islam is adopted by Muslims, it will avoid a genuine Muslim vs Christian clash at a future date. The basic problem is that with the end of colonialism, all that happened was one subjugator was replaced by another subjugator, with no safeguards in place to make sure that the government was benign. This document is also designed to reduce the prison population in western countries by creating a good environment for children to be raised in. This document is all scientifically-derived - there is no need for revelation or reliance on other texts."


Blogger Paul Edwards said...

Thanks for the plug! Glad you could see the logic in the document. :-)

4/20/2005 7:49 AM  

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