Eclectic Floridian: Iraq under Saddam: "a ship with a blind deaf and brutal" captain

Friday, April 22, 2005

Iraq under Saddam: "a ship with a blind deaf and brutal" captain

Here's a small sample of a great post from an Iraqi citizen about the time of the Kuwait invasion:
"I see Iraq at that time, like most Arab/Muslim nations now, like a ship led by a blind deaf and brutal sailor that managed to keep the ship safe by the fact that all ships with real sailors managed to avoid hitting his ship while he was leading the ship without having any course or plan depending only on his intuition."
It deals with the Iraqi's mixed feelings about the suffering under Saddam and the ... different ... suffering the US invasion forced them to deal with. You see, the US did not solve Iraqs problems, in The Free Iraqi's words, Saddam was an Iron Fist and:

"An iron evil fist was gone but it was not replaced by an 'iron good fist' as many Iraqis wished ...

This is one of the main reasons why many Iraqis were and still are disappointed with America. No, these Iraqis do not hate America as most like to think, they're just disappointed with her for not fitting the image they had in their minds; the just tyrant that should've taken full responsibility for some time until they could find their own just tyrant who would make their life much better without forcing them to share a burden and a responsibility they never thought it was among their duties as citizens."

These people clearly have "Leaders" in their midst. They will survive this with imagination, and honor. I am convinced that 100 years from now, the Iraqi people will be hailed as the force that brought about a more peaceful world. I've spent enough time reading their words to feel they can be a major voice for more humane international relations.

Americans and Europeans, if you think that's "over the top," check the links and sub-links on this site ... only then, tell me I'm full of it.


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