Eclectic Floridian: Darwinism vs. Intelligent Design, Pastafarianism and Goatism

Saturday, November 05, 2005

Darwinism vs. Intelligent Design, Pastafarianism and Goatism


I have had my ignorance pointed out to me by
David Trevaskis (YahooID: tdiedesign).

Darwinism (the theory of evolution) is beset by several other beliefs with logic and proof of other methods of creation and evolution.
  1. Intelligent Design which purports that complexity necessitates belief that some higher being (Alien?) created the universe.
  2. Pastafarianism, which purports that The Flying Spaghetti Monster created the universe beginning with a mountain, trees and a midget. They believe that global warming, earthquakes and hurricanes are caused by the decline of pirates since the 1800s (graph available). Prayers to "Him" are ended with "Ramen" rather than "Amen." An open letter to the Kansas Board of Education requests that Pastafarianism be included in education about Evolution. See
  3. Goatism, which claims everything is a Goat. The appearance of a herd of goats is a miracle, since it is mathematically proven that there is only one Goat, all others being multiple instances of The Goat. Further information about Goatism, with formal proofs by scientists from renowned universities can be obtained at
All these religions depend on the same premise. Believe or be damned!

Now, don't you Intelligent Design believers feel silly? ... No? ... well you should!


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