Eclectic Floridian: Do Intelligent Designers believe Aliens created Life?

Friday, November 04, 2005

Do Intelligent Designers believe Aliens created Life?

A Kansas institution has now been granted the money and responsiblity of renovating a satellite. Given the Kansas Board of Education's position on "Intelligent Design", I must question whether or not that state should be entrusted with any scientific project.

Question for Intelligent Design advocates:
If a "higher being" created the universe, then, that being also created Carbon 14 which has been used to validate the Origin of Species (not the Origin of Life). How do you explain that conundrum?

Also, If a "higher being" created the universe, does that mean life was created by aliens? Apparently you believe in either aliens or God. Which is it?

Are you aware that Darwin never claimed to explain the origin of life? Afterall, his book was entitled "Origin of SPECIES" (my emphasis).

I have a scientific turn of mind. Even I wonder if Intelligent Design is the only thing to explain the "Big Bang". Afterall Quantuum Physics may only be saying that The Designer introduced a certain amount of uncertainty into the EVOLUTION of the universe.

But, assume for a minute that an Intelligent Designer created the Universe.

Does that not assume that our laws of probablility were also created by that Designer? Does that not assume that The Designer created the very Carbon 14 we use to validate the "Origin of Species?"

Come on you fundamentalist nuts! Do you believe our Universe was created by Aliens (confess now!) or maybe God (who you don't want us to know you mean when you advocate ID) or maybe its just something we (ALL of us) don't understand yet.

Saying that it's too complicated for us to understand, is not a SCIENTIFIC reason to assume some ALIEN created our world. Do you people really want to be known as people who believe that an ALIEN created our Universe. You then begin to sound like the crazies I currently think you already are!


Anonymous Anonymous said...


why dont we say - 'ALIENS ARE GOD'.

All religions throughout the world believe Gods live in the sky [and add the concept of heaven, etc.].

Would that mean that the aliens created humans and it is these aliens that we call God?

11/18/2007 2:06 PM  
Blogger Sharkxp7 said...

Ya think!?
(youd be an idiot not to agree that all these factors fit together lke pieces of a puzzle)

12/30/2007 11:27 AM  

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