Eclectic Floridian: Hamas: "A fine mess we've gotten into."

Thursday, January 26, 2006

Hamas: "A fine mess we've gotten into."

If Hamas ever watched Laurel & Hardy, one of them is now saying, "A fine mess we've gotten into."

Hamas is now a majority leader of the Palestinian Parliament, elected by their own people. It appears Hamas achieved this because their people were fed up with the corruption of Arafat's regime. Now what are they going to do?

Hamas has few choices:

  • Govern for the good of the people or legislate terrorism.
    • They're ill equipped to govern, terrorists don't need to govern.
    • How do you legislate terrorism? What laws do you pass? How do you concentrate on terrorism and provide for the needs of the people who voted you in?

  • Accept Israel as a state or continue their terrorist war.
    • Accepting Israel as a state forces Hamas to back down from their stated purpose of wiping it off the map. Their loss of face would likely be fatal to them ... individually and as an organization.
    • If accepting Israel is not a choice, they don't have much choice but to declare war. After all, there isn't much room for compromise given Hamas' past rhetoric. But, then, they'd already declared war prior to the election. Though they've produced many barbaric killings, their war on Israel has been fatal to many of them individually, too.
It looks to me as if Hamas has only two choices now that they're the winner ... Be killed or, uh, be killed. Can you say, "planting the seeds of your own destruction?"


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