Eclectic Floridian: A Starr Performance

Monday, March 06, 2006

A Starr Performance

Well, Ken Starr's true colors finally show. He is now accused of presenting fabricated documents to California Governor Schwarzenegger as part of a clemency proceeding. See this Washington Post article.

Now that sounds like the Ken Starr I remember from the "get-Clinton" investigation he ran for years at taxpayer expense. At the time, Clinton wasn't my favorite person, but Starr's year-in/year-out investigation infuriated me. Jailing people, planting moles, spending millions and generally subverting the legal system, still didn't produce any substantive dirt.

Oh yeah ... a blow job. I forgot about that one. It must be because our current president has re-written the Constitution with impugnity.

It looks to me like Starr enjoyed spending the taxpayer dollar so much that he wanted room and board too. Well, I suggest we give it to him ... in San Quentin ... in the general population ... after he is disbarred.


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