Eclectic Floridian: George, Don't You Get It?

Thursday, May 11, 2006

George, Don't You Get It?

No matter how many time you tell us to trust you, it doesn't change a thing. We don't trust you. Don't you get it?

Telling us Warrantless Wiretaps are legal, requires us to trust you. Whether you tell us or have your stooge at the Department of (Bush) Justice tell us. We don't trust you! Get it yet?

After all the deceit we've seen, George Bush telling us to trust him is the equivalent of Iran's Ahmedinejad telling the world to trust that they aren't going after nukes.

In both cases, we're being told there is no sinister intent while being denied verification. The two are incompatible.

The Bush excuse that these matters are too sensitive to reveal is patently ridiculous. Please don't pretend the whole world doesn't already know that the NSA:
  • can tap into any communication that goes through the air or over a wire,
  • must look at domestic calls in order to track extended links beyond domestic/international calls,
  • must scan every international call in order to determine which are sinister, that is unless they begin by knowing one party is a "bad guy", in which case a legal warrant would be obtainable, even 3 days after the fact.
Mr. Decider, it's time for you to decide that you have thumbed your arrogant nose at the people, the Congress and the Constitution too many times. The people and Congress are not as stupid as you believe them to be.

I have adult memories of every president since JFK and you, Mr. Bush, are the most arrogant with the least reason to be. No president in my memory has made me angrier nor more ashamed. Simply impeaching you, Mr. Bush, would not begin to solve the problems you've created. The situation could only begin to be solved if you and your entire administration stepped down now and presidential elections were held this November.

... er ... sorry ... I just lost for a little while, but it feels good getting it off my chest.


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