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Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Our Universe, created by committee

I found the Pootle and Frick Study. This tongue-in-cheek study proves our universe was created by committee(s).

The thrust of the argument is that our universe could not have been created by a single omniscient entity.

This is clear because, being omniscient, there would be no need to create multiple creatures with many ways of dealing with the same natural situations, take frogs and salamanders, for instance. This entity would know (being omniscient) the one correct way to deal with nature's quirks.

In addition, an omniscient creator would not need to hang around as the maintenance engineer. All the little "tweaks" that change creatures over time would not be necessary. After all, a single omniscient creator would have done it right the first time.

Given this finding, the only logical way to explain the diversity of nature and the duplication of solutions to identical situations, is (aha!) a committee, probably many committees. The study goes on to deduce that the number of committee members (creation entities) must be at least five times the number of species on earth times the number of life-containing planets in the universe.

With an explanation this simple, who could possibly believe that mutation of genetic material combined with natural selection could produce the life we see around us?

See? Intelligent Design believers still have it wrong! After all, we know that intelligence is not an attribute of a committee!

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